Baby shoes | Neon Yellow Linen Slip On


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  • Baby shoes | Neon Yellow Linen Slip On
  • Baby shoes | Neon Yellow Linen Slip On

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Product Description

Soling for size 4"-4.5" are faux suede; which gives a natural grip to the floor. Soling for size 4.75"- 5" are (I called it) the perfect non-slip sole; it is non-toxic, cold and heatproof, waterproof, and it is thicker than the faux suede.


Size 4" / 10.16cm - 0-6m

Size 4.5" / 11.43cm - 6-9m

Size 4.75 / 12cm - 9-12m

Size 5" / 12.7cm - 12-18m

Please take note that these sizes are average baby feet size, however, some babies might have smaller or bigger than the average age. It's better if you add 1cm from your baby feet size. So they will have much room to wiggle and you can use it for a longer period of time.


*This baby shoe has no left or right side. Both sides are the same, so it saves you time to figure which one which.

*You do not need to untie the boot lace to put it on your baby's feet. Simply pull the elastic and slip the boot.  

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